TarpMaster® TMX800 Trailer Cover System For Tipping Trailers with up to 8 Meter Body

TarpMaster TMX800

TarpMaster TMX800

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Roll·Rite® TarpMaster® TMX800 electric trailer cover system features selected pre-assembled components and are perfect for Tipping Trailers wanting traditional front-to-back trailer cover operations. Tipper body length determines both tarpaulin length and system specification for pivot spring requirement.

For an ultimate fit, we highly recommend you measure your lorry using our How-to-Measure Tipping Trailer Form to calculate tarpaulin length. 

See our Photo Gallery for more Tipping Trailer Applications


A TMX800 Trailer Cover System for Tipping Trailers includes:


  • Premium Mesh


  • 12760 Dual Conductor Plug Set
  • 10620 Contact Plates
  • 76600 Arm Centering Wedges 
Part # Description
TMX800 System, TarpMaster 5-Spring Under Body System for up to 8 Meter Body – 24V TarpMaster Gear Motor
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